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Name: Ear Hanger Earpiece
Model: EDM-135D1


Heavy duty D shape ear hanger earpiece  with in-line PTT button & microphone
PU and reinforced Kevlar materials
D shape ear hanger microphone that can be made for TETRA terminal Nokia/EADS THR880i, Motorola MTH800 , MTP850, Sepura SRP2000/SRP3000/SRH3500/SRH3800 and so on

Compatible for following radios:
  • TETRA terminal Motorola MTP850,MTH650,MTH800
  • TETRA terminal Sepura SRP2000,SRP3000,SRH3500,SRH3800 STP8000
  • TETRA terminal Nokia/ EADS THR880i
  • Hytera PT580, PT580H, PD700, PD700G, PD702, Hytera PD705, PD780, PD780G, PD782, Hytera PD785, Hytera PD785G, PD790Ex
  • Motorola CP040,CP140,GP88,GP300P040,P080,P110,Visar,GP900,HT1000,MTS2000,XTS2500,XTS3000,XTS3500,XTS5000,GP320,
    GP340,GP360,GP380,GP328,GP338,HT1250,MTP700,GP328Plus,GP338Plus,GP344,GP388,Talkabout T5100,T5200,
    Mototrbo DP2000- DP2400 DP2600 series, Mototrbo DP3400,DP3600,DP3401,DP3601,XPR6300 and so on.
  • Kenwood TK208,TK308,TK2102,TK2130,TK260,TK270,TK278,TK2107,TK3107,TK2207,TK3207,TK2160,TK3160,TK2170,TK3170,
    TK2202,TK3202,TK320,TK340,TK350,TK360,TK370,TK2140,TK3140,TK280,TK290,TK380,TK390,TK480,TK385 and so on.
  • Icom
  • YAESU/VERTEX VX410,VX420,VX530,VX600,VX800,VX900,VX130,VX160,VX180,VX210,VX400,VX820,VX821,VX824,VX920,VX921,VX-6R,VX-7R
  • Maxon
  • Available for other radios also if you cannot find the radio model above as it is not the complete.


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