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Name: Motorola GP344 to 2 pin audio adaptor
Model: TM-V344


The Motorola GP344 adaptor converts your accessory socket to a GP300 2 pin connection.
This compact adaptor coverts the standard Motorola GP344 series accessory socket to take the full range of Motorola two-pin accessories with 3.5mm/2.5mm pin plug fittings.
This gives users a wider choice of accessories and allows legacy accessories from other Motorola two-pin radios to be used.

It has an integral dust cover with the socket on the side of the adaptor to reduce overall width.

Compatible with:
Motorola: X500, EX600, GL2000, GP328Plus, GP338Plus, PTX760Plus, GP344, GP388, PRO5150Elite.

RELM: RPV3000/3600, RPU3000/3600.

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