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Name: Ear hook earpieces
Model: EGM-122G8


NEW! C-Ring ear loop earpiece
Comfortable for extended wear, this compact and durable accessory allows users to receive communication discreetly. Includes an easy-to-access inline push-to-talk for convenient communication. This accessory is PVC free

Single cable with In-line easy-to-access omni directional microphone & integrated PTT
Sleek and lightweight for all-day wearability
Switchable between left or right ear
High volume speaker rests comfortably on the ear
Kevlar cabling materials for increased durability
Advanced materials used giving you a softer more flexible rubber for improved comfort without loss of design integrity
High quality microphone with steel casing
Garment clip located behind PTT for secure placement

One wire ear hook earpiece with PTT in line. One wire kits.

Can be made for most radio especially the TETRA terminal or digital radio such as:

Sepura STP8000, SRH3500, SRH3800, SRP2000, SRP3000

Motorola MTH800, MTP850, MTP850S, Mototrbo DP2400/DP2600/DP3400/DP3600 and DP4000 series. The XPR3300/3500/6300 and so on.

EADS THR 880i, THR9i

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