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Name: Skull Microphone with Fire PTT
Model: ESM-2085M


1.         Lightweight helmet skull microphone and large fire PTT for professional working in extreme and hazardous conditions

2.         Comfortable molded rubber microphone and ear cup

3.         Picks up vibrations and transmits audio signals through the top of the skull

4.         The fire PTT has Ø50mm large push-to-talk button, specially designed for firefighter, rescue stuffs and industry workers, who are supposed to wear thick gloves, protective clothing or breathing mask in working condition

5.         IP57 waterproof fire PTT can be fastened to the clothes or belt

6.         Easily mounts in almost any type of helmet without tools thanks to the adjustable Velcro headband fastening system.

7.         Environmental PU cable reinforced with Kevlar

8.         Clear sound performance

9.         RoHS compliance

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