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Name: Ear hanger earpieces
Model: EDM-237D1


Ear hanger earphone, two wire kit with separate PTT button & microphone
PU and reinforced Kevlar materials
D shape ear hanger microphone

Can be made for many radios such as:

TETRA terminal Motorola MTP850,MTH650,MTH800
TETRA terminal Sepura SRP2000,SRP3000,SRH3500,SRH3800 Sepura STP8000
TETRA terminal Nokia/ EADS THR880i THR9i
Mototrbo DP3400 DP3600 DP4400 DP4600, XPR6300 XPR6500 XPR3300 XPR3500
Hytera PT580, PT580H, PD700, PD700G, PD702, Hytera PD705, PD780, PD780G, PD782, Hytera PD785, Hytera PD785G, PD790Ex

Available for other radios also if you cannot find the radio model above as it is not the complete.

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